The Amoco Retirees Golf group is a men’s golf group, located in Houston, Texas that meets every Tuesday at various courses around North Houston to enjoy a good round of golf.  Our style of play leans toward having fun, more than strict adherence to the rules of golf.  Membership is by invitation.  Once a member, always a member.

If you’ve been to this site before, you might notice a slight redesign, hopefully to make it cleaner.

  •  The home page is “static” and does not change. but does contain the registration link (calendar in right column)
  • The top menu links to three pages; (a) “news” where you can find the usual drivel we post after each round…winners etc., (b) Pairings coordinator, where the volunteer Pairings Coordinator can find all their stuff, and (c) Schedule, where you can find where we’ll be playing.
  • The menu in the left column, simply contains all the latest posts