Spurgeon Lambeth Funeral

Funeral services for Spurge are scheduled for 11:00am, Friday February 16 at Lakewood United Methodist Church, 11330 Louetta Rd., Houston, TX 77070. I understand that information regarding a charity donation opportunity in lieu of flowers will be forthcoming in the near future.

And the Winner is….

Interesting stats.  I went into our Eventbrite registration system and looked at the number of times everyone signed up to play from Jan 1, 2016, through this week…a little over two years.  Then I sorted the registrants from highest to lowest.  The results surprised me.  Given that this represents close to 100 weeks of golf, these number are close to our attendance percent.  Signs of a misspent retirement?  Also a little sad to see some of the names no longer with us.  Take a look;

Mike Holy (the champ) 95
Rodney Keeling 88
Dan Newton 84
Chuck Dugand 78
Tim Van Dinter 71
Terence Cooper 66
Maurice Peltier 65
Jide Ayo-Vaughan 62
Harry Hunter 62
Spurgeon Lambeth 61
Ed Wiggins 60
Alan Holzberg 60
John Townsend 59
Bob Dahl 55
Bryan Anderson 52
irvin blackburn 50
Steve Carr 48
John Pierrel 48
Derryl York 48
Woody Madden 45
Peter Tomlinson 42
Jim Quance 40
Kelly Russell 38
Ray Sidenblad 36
Charles Kearney 36
David Walsh 33
Paul Cook 32
Jim Clark 32
Bill Canning 32
Doug Godschalk 30
David Maggard 29
Doks Odunsi 28
Larryl Bernhard 27
Jim McKernan 26
Bob Henricksen 26
Terry Baumann 25
Don Jenkins 23
Ron Cramer 22
Bob Funderburg 22
Joe Ellis 21
Bill Durfey 19
Tom Patterson 18
Bill Matney 18
Jerry Strenk 16
Larry Allen 13
Dick Herbst 13
David myers 13
Bruce Edison 11
Bob Burkman 11
Stan Jacobs 10
roger Helgoe 10
Byron Gauthier 9
Biehl Bob 9
Mike Schensted 8
Bob Biehl 8
ed parker 5
Buddy Harrison 5
Rich Gross 4
Jerry Ratliff 4
Bob Olsen 4
Tom Bowen 3
Paul Horvitz 3
Mike Healey 3
john collins 3
Gene McGraw 3
Bobby JOHN 3
Bobby Andrews 3
Biehl Robert 3
Willie Miles 2
Milton Kovar 2
Jack Trumbull 2
Gib Staudt 2
Edward Fastow 2
Dub Farmer 2
Tommy Thomas 1
Sam Mathosela 1
Rick Smith 1
John Ikard 1
Jim Johnson 1
jerry moore 1
Dick Janda 1
David Jones 1

23 Golfers for Oakhurst

*It was a tad cool on the front nine, but beautiful weather on the back. The course was not in that great a shape and some greens looked like they were lost in the freeze as they were mainly sand and a few sprigs of poa annua. But I digress. There were six teams today and scores were “tight” ranging from 68 to 72 in the cart-path-only scramble. First place went to the team of John Pierrel, Doug Godschalk, Harry Hunter, and Kelly Russell with a 68. Closest to the pin was Mr. Doks Odunsi and maybe Mr. Keeling, but I forget.*
*The team of Odunsi, York, and Kearney teed off on no. 18b, but three holes later Mr. Kearney fell ill and retired to the clubhouse. Mr. York and Odunsi soldiered on till it became obvious that Mr. York wasn’t helping. He then cleaned golf balls and clubs, gave distances and did some minor putting. Mr. Odunsi really led his team to a fourth-place finish. It was finally nice to get out after the holidays and all the cold weather. Maybe we’re on a roll?*

Oakhurst Pairings – Jan 23 2018

Looks like this time we really will have a good weather day.  Last time I said that we froze out there.  If you had a chance to get out today you know how nice it is.

I spoke with David at Oakhurst and he tells me they got a lot of rain last night but hopes the course will dry out enough today with the sun to avoid a carts path only day.  I’m planning a pretty standard day of two low net and modified shamble.

Lets have a good day tomorrow!

Oakhurst Pairings


Lake Windcrest Pairings – Jan 2018

Our first outing of 2018!  The weather promises to be fantastic and we’ve got a great turnout.  Good start to this year.

I spoke with the club this afternoon and they told me they got quite a bit of rain yesterday, so we might be cart path only for part of the course, so to start things off easy this year and get us all back into this strenuous sport after the holiday lay-off we’re going to play an 18 hole scramble.  Bring your erasers, and see you tomorrow.

Jan 9-2018 Pairings

No, this is not tomorrow’s pairings

Happy new year all. Sleep in tomorrow. Our next event, and the first one for the new year is at Lake Windcrest on January 9th. Remember our course schedule is posted on the website and a printable version can be downloaded here.

2018 Pairings Coordinators Needed

We have volunteers to do pairings over the next two months, January and February. We need someone to step up for March, and later months. If you want to bask in the glory of this lucrative position, please contact me at admin@playgolftuesday.com.