• Lake Windcrest Update

    A great time was had by the Amoco Golfers today at Lake Windcrest. The weather cooperated and the course was in outstanding shape. The lunch was great and they absolutely made everyone feel welcome. I am looking forward to next time we play there. Winning team was Buddy H. , Peter T., G. Kelly, J. Quance and Don J. with a low score of 69.

    Mike Holy is the pairing coordinator for our golf next week ( April 22 ) at Northgate Country Club. Mike will be out of town for Easter and will be back in Houston on Monday ( April 21 ) so sign up early . This will be our first time to play Northgate this year so lets have a great turnout. If you have a love for golf with the experience of private club service then be sure and register to play and bring a guest . The rules of the game will be simple with a two man low net on the first nine and a scramble on the second nine .

    Cost is $ 46.00 plus $3.00 for prize.

    See you on April 22,
    # 281-586-9278

  • Results from River Plantation April 8th

    River Plantation was sunny, warm, and windy as the day progressed. We had 17 golfers and the scores ranged from 192 to 206. This was “real” golf with every shot counting. Six holes of scramble, six of four low-net, and six of shamble counting four low-net.

    The big winner of the day (192) was Mr. Joe Ellis, Mr. Ed Wiggins, and Mr. Tim Van Ditner. Mr. Wiggins carried the team with his booming drives and deft touch around the greens. Second place (194) was Mr. Bob Olson, Mr. Bob Dahl, and Mr. Dick Vandergriff. Third place (195) was Mr. Mike Holy, his guest Mr. Johnny Slaughter, Mr. Jerry Strenk, and Mr. York. Fourth place (201) was Mr. Buddy Harrison, his guest Mr. Al Escalera and Alan Holzberg.

    Closest-to-the-pin winners were Mr. Alan Holzberg and Mr. Johnny Slaughter.


  • Spring Cleaning

    I decided to do some spring cleaning.  Our web site looks a little different now.  It also has some new technology under the hood that will make maintaining it a little easier.  I hope you like the new look.

  • Pairings Master

    Attached is the latest copy of our pairing Master. It is an Excel spreadsheet designed to help the Pairings Coordinator create the weekly pairings. It does not have to be used. Some coordinators do it manually. If you do use it, download a “fresh” copy each week, as the process of creating pairings destroys some of the formulas rendering the spreadsheet useless for the following week.

    Instructions for its use are included on each page of the spreadsheet. The steps are essentially:
    1) copy the names from our Eventbrite Registration page to the “Players” page of the Master

    2) download Harry’s handicaps workbook and enter handicaps for each player

    3) on the courses page “x” the course we are playing (if that course has more than 18 holes, follow the instructions)

    4) on the Pairings page “lock” the page (to avoid the program making any more automatic changes)

    a) if you are using Excel: lock the page by pressing Control and l (small L), at the same time

    b) if you are using Open Office, highlight the pairings sheet, copy it, and then paste it on top of itself as text and numbers (paste special)

    5) enter the holes each group will be starting from on the pairing sheet (1, 1a, 1b, etc)

    6) go to the scorecard page and enter the rules for each 18 at the top of the page where indicated.

    You are done! Print it out.
    AmocoPairings -Master_2014.xls