Cypresswood Cypress Course

It was truly a nice day to be out on the golf course and enjoy the serenity. We had 29 golfers today and eight teams. We played our standard shamble-two-low-net game with a few minor wrinkles. The low net was on the back nine and the shamble on the front nine. In addition, A & B players had to play all par 3s from the tips, while C & D players played all par 3s from the “most forward” tees. In spite of this, Mr. John Townsend and Mr. Terrence Cooper were closest-to-the-pin playing from the tips. M. Townsend’s team (Rodney Keeling, Harry Hunter, Tim Van Ditner) was also the big winner with a 129 (33 under).
Over the last few weeks we have had a number of visitors and today was no exception. Mr. Doks Odinsi was the guest of Mr.Jide Ayo-Vaughn and the Amoco Group. We hope we will have more as the group needs a lot of “new” blood (no snide comments here please).