Amoco Pairings for the April

Mike Holy has passed the Amoco Pairings Baton to me for April. Mike mentioned in his last note that one the advantages to doing pairings is selecting teams and games. I’m not sure about teams but I will take full advantage of adding “twists” to our game format. In my youth (before 70 ) we would play: round robin, snake, wolf and 3 clubs/putter. There are others and would appreciate input. Past experience has shown that our group have scoring difficulty with differing formats. Therefore I will attempt to select a format that at least one person in the pairing is familiar.

Tuesday we are playing at Windrose. The course is in good condition with good April weather expected. I will have one minor twist to our regular format and ask for input for the rest of the month.

Hope to see you Tuesday

Regards, Bob Dahl