Amoco Golfers,
We had 20 golfers sign up for the Oakhurst course on Tuesday, Aug 15 – very nice, considering it is August.

Since the weatherman has called for Tuesday to be the “coolest” day of the week, it will still be a HOT Houston Summer day. SO, on the front side, during the “cool” of the day, we will play a shamble -best ball on drives (best 2 balls on par 5’s), then play your ball to the hole. Then scramble on the remaining holes once we are warmed up.

This week’s rules”
** Front Nine Shamble – best drive (best 2 balls on par 5’s) count 2 low net all holes – except count 4 net scores on Par 3’s play all holes from Senior tees – Team Par is 84

** Back Nine”,
Scramble – count 1 score for team – team par is 36
On the 10th hole, play from the Senior tee box – if team makes Bogey (or worse) then move up a tee box on the next hole
If the team makes a Birdy (or better), please move back a tee box on the next hole
If the team Par’s the hole, play next hole from the same tee box

** Team par for round is 120
** Cost is $43.00 plus $ 3.00 for prizes – Pay at the end of the game before lunch
** Closet to pin will be holes # 5 and #11. Mr. Dugan’s team will please put out both sets of markers … Mr. Tomlinson’s team will try to remember to pick up the markers.

See you tomorrow, Kelly 281-770-3770
Parings: (hope this works… if not, see the attached scoresheets) Team 1 Starting Hole 1a Chuck Dugan – 5 John Townsend – 7 Spurgeon Lambeth – 10 Charlie Kearney – 12
Team 2 Starting Hole 1b Rodney Keeling – 4 Terence Cooper – 7 Ray Sidenblad – 11 Maurice Peltier – 13
Team 3 Starting Hole 18a Irvin Blackburn – 7 David Walsh – 7 Bob Funderburg – 10 Larry Bernhard – 11
Team 4 Starting Hole 18b Doks Odunsi – 4 Doug Godschalk – 8 Jide Ayo-Vaughan – 8 Tim Van Dinter – 16
Team 5 Starting Hole 17a Peter Tomlinson – 6 Mike Holy – 7 Dan Newton – 9 Kelly Russell – 14