Lake Windcrest Pairing – 12September

Amoco Golfers,
We had 23 people signed for the game and two (2) called to cancel leaving us with 21 people. We will be playing in six (6) groups with three threesomes and 3 foursomes. We have confirmed from the pro shop that they will allow us to take the carts into the fairways, but it is going to be 90 degrees only. Please let us endeavor to adhere to this.
The rules for this week is very simple and as usual, we shall be playing from the white tees.
**Front 9: Play your own ball and record two (2) low net scores. Maximum possible gross score is triple boogie.
**Back 9: Modified Shamble. i.e Use best drive on all holes and also second best shots on par 5s and record two (2) low net scores.
** Cost is $45 plus $3 for prizes. Please pay at the end of the game just before lunch.
** Closest to the pin will be holes 3 and 8. Mr Dugan’s team will put out both sets and Mr Holy’s team will pick both up.
TEAM 1: Hole 1a Chuck Dugand 5, Doug Godschalk 8, Tim Van Dinter 16
Team 2: Hole 1b Rodney Keeling 4, Harry Hunter 10, Robert Dahl 10
Team 3: Hole 18a Irvin Blackburn 7, Dan Newton 9, Bob Funderburg 10
Team 4: Hole 18b David Maggard 5, Jide Ayo-Vaughan 9, Alan Holzberg 11, Ed Wiggins 11
Team 5: Hole 17 Peter Tomlinson 7, Spurgeon Lambert 10, Tom Patterson 11, Jerry Strenk 16
Team 6: Hole 16 Mike Holy 7, David Walsh 7, Bob Biehl 12, Bob Henricksen 14