Attached is the latest copy of our pairing Master. It is an Excel spreadsheet designed to help the Pairings Coordinator create the weekly pairings. It does not have to be used. Some coordinators do it manually. If you do use it, download a “fresh” copy each week, as the process of creating pairings destroys some of the formulas rendering the spreadsheet useless for the following week.

Instructions for its use are included on each page of the spreadsheet. The steps are essentially:

1) copy the names from our Eventbrite Registration page to the “Players” page of the Master

2) download Harry’s handicaps workbook and enter handicaps for each player

3) on the courses page “x” the course we are playing (if that course has more than 18 holes, follow the instructions)

4) Note…go to the pairings page now.  You will notice two versions; a three column page and a two column page.  WORK ON THE THREE COLUMN PAGE.  Two column version is for use later in step 9.

5) on the Pairings page “lock” the page (to avoid the program making any more automatic changes).  Do this before making any manual changes to the pairings…for example Joe wants to play with Bill.

a) if you are using Excel: lock the page by pressing Control and l (small L), at the same time

b) if you are using Open Office, highlight the pairings sheet, copy it, and then paste it on top of itself as text and numbers (paste special)

6) enter the holes each group will be starting from on the pairing sheet (1, 1a, 1b, etc)

7) Make any manual changes to players for special requiest (guests etc).  DO NOT MAKE CHANGES BY CUTTING AND PASTING.

8) go to the scorecard page and enter the rules for each 18 at the top of the page where indicated.

9) You are done! Print it out.  You will notice that there are two versions of the pairings sheet.  One (the one you should work with) is three columns of teams.  The other version is two columns.  The two column version fits more easily into an email if you want to copy and paste it into the email you send out for pairings on Monday night.

For Handicaps, Harry posts them when he updates them.  If you don’t see his post, simply use the “Search” box in the right column and enter the word “Handicaps”.


Attached is a copy of our closest to the pin sign to put on the marker stand.

CTP Marker - click to download