Willow Creek

25 Hearty Souls showed up to play Willow Creek today despite the threat of inclement weather.  The weather held off until most had 11 or 12 holes in.   Willow Creek treated us to there usual great luncheon fare and provided a 18 hole “rain check”.  Overall it was a good day!

Willow Creek this Tuesday

Nine Players are currently signup to play Willow Creek on Tuesday. As a guest on a private course we like to respond with a good turnout.
There are many senior groups in North Houstonbut we are unique in that we play several private courses and lunch is included.  Amoco golf is team game with its ownrules.   A long-time member mentionedlast week that the payout formula has existed for over 23 years.  We would like to keep it going and as DerrylYork mentioned at the luncheon more pairing volunteers are needed. Weather permitting, we will play two low net on thefront.  On the back play, two low net with a Modified Shambleon par 4 & 5’s.  Hit your ball on ballon par 3’s and use three low net.   Team Par is 146 for the Honest Johncompetition. I would appreciate an early sign up as I have meetings onMonday evening. My cell is 713.306.3605. email: robert.dahl@sbcglobal.net 


A great day to play the Traditions course, but someone stuck us on the “white” tees instead of the “silver” ones. There were 33 players, a course in good condition, a nice lunch and nine teams competing for the championship. Scores ranged from 117 to 129 with par being 144. It was announced at the lunch that the team of Keeling, Ayo-Vaugh, Canning, and Quance were the big winners, carding out the fivesome of Holy, Henrickson, Maggard, Madden and his nephew Tom L. Unfortunately, after everyone left a reexamination of the scorecards showed the Holy team as the winner and the Keeling team finishing second. We will review the “end-of-round” procedures and apply the appropriate disciplinary measures to those involved.
Playoff rules established by USGA are best *net* (1) back nine; (2) last six holes; (3) last three holes; (4) last hole.
Closest to the pin today were Mr. Ayo-Vaugh on no. 8 (170-yds), about 10-feet from the pin and Mr. David Walsh on no. 14 (140-yds) about 12-ft from the pin. Excellent shots with the windy conditions.

Pairings for March 21 – High Meadow Ranch

With this website post we’re inaugurating a new way of distributing our pairings. Instead of a direct email we’re post the pairings on the web site and allowing our mailchimp email system to pick up the post and send it out to everyone on its scheduled scan of the website at 8pm. Hopefully this works alright. To get the pairings simply click on the link to the site, and you’ll find the pairings attached to the post…at the end.
For High Meadow Ranch we’ll play our standard two-low net on the front and scramble on the back.pdf icon AmocoPairings-Master_2017-Ver2.pdf

ARGG – New Procedure for Pairings Broadcast

We use Mailchimp as our mailing list service and have been using them for about 12 years. They are very professional, and reliable. Due to ever tougher spamming laws its getting harder to set up Pairing Coordinators to use them directly as they have in the past, but I think I’ve found a new process that will work. It will look a little different for you though.
I have set up Mailchimp to scan our website (playgolftuesday.com ) every evening at 8pm. If there is anything new posted on our site, Mailchimp will send it out in an email that evening. You may have seen some of these in the past, especially when Harry posts the handicaps.
Our new procedure therefore is to have the Pairing Coordinator post the pairings (and other communications) on the website (they will have a very simple way of doing that)…if they post before 8pm their email will go out that same day. If they post after 8pm, their email will go out in the next cycle.
Your emails therefore will always be at 8pm….I (Chuck) will continue acting as an emergency back up for those times when there are glitches. We’ll try this for a while.
By the way, THIS email was written at 8:54 pm on Tuesday night…you should get this tomorrow night at 8pm.