Parings for Tuesday Aug 1 – Cypresswood – Cypress

Amoco Golfers, We only had 18 golfers sign up for the Cypresswood Cypress course on Tuesday, Aug 1. It looks like a glorious day for golf with lower humidity and temps at 85 degrees at 10am… so we will not have to worry about the excessive heat this week. With that in mind, let’s play our own ball to start the round, then shamble as we get tired. This week’s rules” ** Play your own ball on “Front Nine” counting 2 low net scores ** Play a Shamble on the “Back Nine”, Best ball on first shot all holes except par 5’s – best ball on first 2 shots – Count 2 low net scores ** Each team must count at least 2 drives from each player on the “Back Nine” Shamble ** Play will be from the “Silver Tees” making the course ~5600 yards total, which should make playing enjoyable – Par 144 ** Cost is $35.00 plus $ 3.00 for prizes – Pay at the end of the game before lunch ** Closet to pin will be holes # 5 and #14. Mr. Odunsi’s team will please put out both sets of markers … Mr. Keeling’s team will try to remember to pick up both sets markers.
Please excuse any rookie mistakes, this was my first attempt to coordinate the parings… See you tomorrow, Kelly 281-770-3770 PARINGS: Team 1
Team 2
Hole No.
Hole No.
Doks Odunsi
Peter Tomlinson
Doug Godschalk
John Townsend
Maurice Peltier
Joe Ellis
Mr Par
Kelly Russell
Team 3
Team 4
Hole No.
Hole No.
Larry Allen
Derryl York
Terence Cooper
Jide Ayo-Vaughan
Bob Dahl
Harry Hunter
Mr Par
Bryan Anderson
Team 5
Hole No.
Rodney Keeling
David Walsh
Dan Newton

Tim Van Dinter

Willow Creek Was Hot and Not Too Long

Willow Creek had nineteen golfers and ten of them cashed in their rain checks from a previous outing. The rain checks were worth $33 so they were not inconsequential! We had five teams with only one threesome. The scores were “tight” ranging from 82 to 86 (par was 102).
The big winners were Messers. Blackburn, Dahl, Holzberg, and Odunsi. Mr. Odunsi was an “add on” and proved to be the winning margin. In second place, also with an 82, was Messers. Townsend, Godschalk, Newton, and Russell. In the third and final “money” place was Messers. Walsh, Holy, Hunter, and Van Ditner (84).
Left out of the mix was Mr. Cooper’s (86) and Mr. York’s (85) teams.
Mr. Blackburn’s team was able to make a five on the par 4, no. 15 that put them in a tie with Mr. Townsend’s team. Mr. Blackburn’s team then won the “card off”.
Mr. Townsend’s team had gone ahead on the par 3, no. 14, when they recorded a net of “3” for three scores. Yes that’s a total of three scores!
Closest to the pin was Mr. Walsh on no. 3 (18-feet) and Mr. Newton on no. 17 (12-feet).
The meal today was BBQ chicken and it was definitely first class. Too bad we don’t eat this well every week
Thanks, to Mr. Kelly Russell who will be doing the pairings next week at the Cypresswood Cypress Course.

Successful day at Wilow Creek

Thanks to the 19 players that participated today. We played the front tees, so we finished up earlier than usual. It was very close with the five team scores ranging from 82 to 86 – Very close.

The winning team was Irvin Blackburn, Bob Dahl, Alan Holzberg, and the last minute addition Doks Odunsi. Second team was John Townsend, Doug Godschalk, Dan Newton and Kelly Russell. The team of David Walsh, Mike Holy, Harry Hunter and Tim Van Dinter came in third.

As always at Willow Creek, the food was great. It was especially good for those of us who used our rain check from earlier this year – only $12 instead of $45!!!

Next week is the Cypress Course at Cypresswood. Kelly Russel will be doing the pairings. Hope we have a good turnout.

Tim Van Dinter

Willow Creek Coming Up

We're playing a great location next Tuesday. Willow Creek is on our schedule.

If you have a rain check from our rainout bring it. They will accept it!

Our turnout has started to struggle a bit with the summer heat, but I know you all aren't girly men. You're tough guys. Let's have a good turnout.
We actually need a good turnout to maintain our playing rights at many clubs.


I’ll apologize for the scrambled pairings. Jide posted them as instructed. My cute little system didn’t work. Jide will get you straightened up at the course. See ya out there!

Pairing at Lake Windcrest 18July2017

> > Hi All, > > Below are the pairings for tomorrow. The format will be: > > · Front 9 – Scramble – Play from the white Tee and record one score for the team. > > · Back 9 – Modified shamble. Also play from the white Tee and play the best drive on all holes and also the second best shot on Par 5s. Thereafter play your ball to the cup. Record best two (2) low net scores. > > Chuck Duggard’s team will put out the CTP markers on holes 3 and 8. The markers will be picked up by John Townsend’s > > All payments will be cash at the end of the game. > > The food should be good as usual. > > > > > Lake Windcrest/ – $45 plus $3 prize money > 7/18/2017 > Team 2 Team 1 > Hole No. 1b Hole No. 1a > Player HDCP Player HDCP > Doks Odunsi 4 Chuck Dugand 5 > Dan Newton 9 Jide Ayo-Vaughan 8 > Harry Hunter 10 Bob Funderberg 10 > 0 0 Bob Burkman 14 > ——————– ——————– > Team 3 Team 4 > Hole No. 18 Hole No. 17 > Player HDCP Player HDCP > David Maggard 5 Derryl York 6 > Doug Godschalk 8 Bob Dahl 9 > Harry Hunter 10 Alan Holzberg 11 > 0 0 Tim Van Dinter 16 > ——————– ——————– > Team 5 Team 6 > Hole No. 16 Hole No. 17b > Player HDCP Player HDCP > John Townsend 7 > Terrance Cooper 7 > Ray Sidenblad 11 > Maurice Peltier 13 > > See You there
Jide Ayo-Vaughan (713) 253-5244

Lake Windcrest on Tuesday 18July

We will be playing next at Lake Windcrest on Tuesday 18July. Right now only 9 people have signed up. I understand this is far below the minimum number used to negotiate the price for the group. I hope more people will still sign up to make up to 20 at least. To speed up the play and mitigate the hot weather, we will be using the following format: · Front 9 – Scramble play and record only one score for the team. · Back 9 – Modified shamble i.e use best drive on all holes and also best second shots on par 5s. We will count best two (2) low net scores. Please sign up to play. Registration will be cut off at 4:00pm tomorrow. Do let us know if there are any questions.
Jide Ayo-Vaughan (713) 253 5244

Fwd: Lake Windcrest is NEXT

Time To Sign Up! >>> Meat Balls and Spaghetti is not the only attraction at Lake Windcrest. The golf course also offers 18 holes of great golf with beautiful well-kept Tif-Eagle green, each preceded by a generous fairway that winds through dense vegetation. Each hole offers a different challenge, providing a superb experience for all levels of golfers.  Jide Ayo-Vaughan