Gentlemen: Wonderful weather and great course conditions. Moreover, we played from the most forward tees, which you need to do at this venue. We had a number of new faces and 34 golfers, a big group for a change. There were nine teams with scores ranging from 107 to 126. The big winners were Messsers Terry Baumann, David Walsh, Jim Triplet, and Larry Bernhard. Mr. Mike Holy was closest to the pin on both par 3s and his team also finished second with a 109.


*The Amoco Retiree Golf Group is a pretty loose organization, but it relies heavily upon the willingness of individuals to do one little thing a few times a year. This is the weekly pairings. It’s not complicated, you can get lots of assistance, you get to pick your own team, and you have the pride of knowing how the teams are determined. Real inside info.**We realize that with new golfers to our group there is a natural hesitation to do something new and different, but it helps things run so much smoother. So, raise your hand at the next lunch—Thanks, The Amoco Retiree Golf Group Board of Directors– *

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Pairing Coordinator Sign-up

We need Pairings Coordinators!  Sign up here.  Being a Pairings Coordinator is an amazing experience.  Your friends will admire you, and the power you will have to set the course of events for a month will make your family proud of who you are, and what you’ve achieved in life.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Pairings Coordinators

We have about 30 people in our group that play relatively often, yet only a handful that chip in and do some of the work necessary to keep us going. That’s actually not unusual for groups like this where no one gets paid and we all volunteer. 

Here’s what our schedule looks like for 2017.  You might notice a scarcity of names. We could switch to a new format where you just show up (after registering) and we self organize creating pairings on the fly. We can try that for March. 

Jan- Derryl York

Feb- Tim Van Dinter









Nov- Dan newton


Willow Creek Roundup

We ended up with 18 golfers and 2 for lunch.  Rich Gross joined us for lunch.  It was cart path only, but I surprisingly good shape.  It was recommended that we play from the front tees next week at Raveneau.

Thanks for Contributing 

ARGG Treasurer Dan Newton sends a hearty thank you to all who contributed to the CTP ball fund following yesterday’s outing at HMR. Thanks to the generous participants a total of $34 was collected. The balance in the Treasury is now back in the black at $1.38! The good news is we are in good shape for balls with inventory that should last well into summer.

AMOCO Shout Out

Dan Newton, ARGG Treasurer (just one of the many highly paid positions in the organization) reports that 16 dozen golf balls are on their way to ball custodian Spurge Lambeth for use in rewarding CTP shots. Thanks for your support of the organization. The Treasury is now overdrawn by approximately $30 which should be funded over the next few outings.
Dan also wants to recognize and say thanks to Bob Hendrickson for the donation of approximately 6 dozen new Titleist golf balls for use in rewarding CTP shots. Thanks Bob!

Cypresswood Cypress Course

It was truly a nice day to be out on the golf course and enjoy the serenity. We had 29 golfers today and eight teams. We played our standard shamble-two-low-net game with a few minor wrinkles. The low net was on the back nine and the shamble on the front nine. In addition, A & B players had to play all par 3s from the tips, while C & D players played all par 3s from the “most forward” tees. In spite of this, Mr. John Townsend and Mr. Terrence Cooper were closest-to-the-pin playing from the tips. M. Townsend’s team (Rodney Keeling, Harry Hunter, Tim Van Ditner) was also the big winner with a 129 (33 under).
Over the last few weeks we have had a number of visitors and today was no exception. Mr. Doks Odinsi was the guest of Mr.Jide Ayo-Vaughn and the Amoco Group. We hope we will have more as the group needs a lot of “new” blood (no snide comments here please).