Pairing Coordinators Needed

Every once in a while we make another plea for someone to help do pairings for a month. We have NO ONE signed up for the rest of 2017, except for Dan Newton in November. This job is vital to make the group function each week. I (Chuck) will be mostly unavailable for great chunks of time this summer due to travel plans. We need people to step up. Let me remind you, this job carries the highest prestige of any job we offer!  

Pairings for Cypresswood

Attached are the pairings for tomorrow at the Cypress Course at Cypresswood. We’ll play two low net on the front and a modified shamble on the back nine. The weather is getting warmer, but its still not Houston summer, so it should be nice.
We had another good turnout this week. Thanks to all of you for the great recruiting job you’ve done! Last year we got down to averaging only 10-15 players each week, and now we’re doing almost 28-30 per week. This helps us when we approach the golf courses for prices and timing. Thanks pdf icon AmocoPairings-Master_2017-Ver2.pdf

This Week’s Results

The winning scores from Lake Windcrest. Please fill out the survey on the website to let us know what you thought of the format.


  1.  David Walsh 70
  2. John Pierrel 71
  3. Chuck Dugand 72
  4. Derryl York 73
  5. Terrence Cooper 73
  6. Bill Canning 73


Dan Newton, Al Holzberg, Ray Sidenblad, Jim Quance 109 Ed Wiggens, Jim McKernan, Paul Cook, Bryan Anderson 111

Give us your Opinion

Bob Dahl introduced us to a format of play that we’ve rarely used in the past.  He called it the “Pros and Semi-Pros”.  For those who were not there Bob selected the A&B players and had them play on a “pro” flight where the format was individual stroke play with the top six chosen by their low net score. Muligans were frowned upon, and rules were enforced to a much greater extent than normal for our group. The Semi-Pros (C&D) players played standard ARGG team-golf.

We’d like to find our from all of you, whether you played or not, what you think of this format?

Oakhurst Next week

We’re playing Oakhurst this next Tuesday.  Chuck Dugand will do Pairings for this week, but will need help later in the month.  Summer is coming so our weather is warming, but the longer range forecast for next Tuesday still looks relatively moderate.  Hope to see you there!

Amoco Golf Lake Windcrest Pairings and Rules

This week at Lake Windcrest will are deviating from our normal format.  There are two flights – Pros & Semi-Pros.
The three Semi Foursomes will play the usual Amoco format while playing from the forward (Green) tees.  
The Four Pro Foursomes will play regular stroke golf on all 18 holes.  Modification are indicated on the score card and on the pairings sheet.  This group will play from the white tees. 
There are separate pairing sheets for each flight.  Generally if you handicap is above 9 you are playing in the Semi Group
My text # is 713.306.3605
Thank, Bob Dahl pdf icon Semi-Pros-Pairings-and-Rules-pdf.pdf
pdf icon Amoco-Pros-Pairings-and-Rules-PDF.pdf