Two Aggies Went Out to Play Golf!!

The course at Lake Windcrest is in great shape, but the pin placements and green speeds were very, very, tough–for some teams. It was a beautiful day and the scores ranged from 114 to 133 with par being 144. Anyone who can count knows 114 is 30 under!! Mr. Bob Olson, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Peltier, and Mr. B. Anderson had the hot hands. In second place with a 115, just getting squeezed out, was the team of Messers Odunsi, Ayo-Vaughn, Wiggins, and Strenk. In third place with a more “normal” score were Messers Tomlinson, Cramer, Biel, and Kearney.
Closest-to-the-pin winners were Mr. Cramer and Mr. Hunter who did not have a marker, but convinced everyone that they really were closest.
Again a great lunch with strawberry shortcake for desert.
Oh by the way, here are the two Aggies! Gig ’em!
[image: Inline image 1]

CINCO LOCO at Cinco Ranch – 10/10

Rules for Cinco Ranch 10-10-17: We are CINCO foursomes at Cinco Ranch.
* Play from White Tees all day.
* Front nine play a Modified Shamble (best drive – 2 best on par 5’s). Count 2 LOW NET scores as Team Score. 72 is par for the side.
* Back nine – play your own ball. Count 3 LOW NET scores as Team Score. 105 is par for the side.
Closest to the pin – 12 and 16 – Mr. Keeling, please post the markers, Mr. Townsend, please collect the markers.
Special game of the week: CINCO LOCO
Keep a count of the number of times you have a GROSS score of CINCO…. That would be a 3 putt on a par 3, a bogie on a par 4, and par on the par 5 holes. The CINCO’s are LOCO ! ! ! The player that scores the most Cinco’s wins an extra Cinco dollars as the most LOCO CINCO player of the week. Count your CINCO even if your score is not used in the team score.
Attached is the PDF of the pairings – I tried to keep some of the same teams as last week since we didn’t get to play a whole round together. (sorry Rodney – you are stuck with me again)
Any Questions – call me Kelly 281-770-3770 or email –

Willow Creek Pairings for 10-3

Only 13 signed up – sorry about the 3 some’s … Let’s plan to play our own ball on the front side count 2 low net and shamble the back nine with only a team score counting – play all holes from the Green tees. We will adjust Tuesday morning if the weather still looks threatening… $45 for golf and lunch + $3 for prizes. Kelly 271-770-3770 Team 1 – Hole 1a Doks Odunsi-2, Jide Ayo-Vaughan-9, Bob Henricksen-14 Team 2 – Hole 1b Irvin Blackburn-7, Dan Newton-9, Spurgeon Lambeth-10 Team 3 – Hole 18a Mike Holy-6, Harry Hunter-9, Ed Wiggins-12 Team 4 – Hole 18b Rodney Keeling-4, Doug Godschalk-8, Tim Van Dinter-14, Kelly Russell-15

Willow Creek on Tuesday 10/3

October has begun, the heat seems to be breaking… Currently a 50% chance of rain predicted for Tuesday – but let’s try to get most of a round in. Let’s plan to play our own ball on the front side and shamble the back nine – all from the Green tees. We will adjust Tuesday morning if the weather still looks threatening. Only 4 signed up at this time… pairings will be easy … Kelly 271-770-3770

Oakhurst Pairing – Sept26

Amoco Golfers,
We have 16 people signed for the game so we will be playing in four groups.
The rules for this week is very simple and we shall be playing from the white tees.
**Front 9: Play your own ball and record two (2) low net scores. Maximum possible gross score is triple boogie.
**Back 9: Scamble: i.e Play the teams best ball each time from the Tee to the cup and record the score for the team.
** Cost is $43 plus $3 for prizes. Please pay at the end of the game.
** Tee-Off time is 8:30am
** Closest to the pin will be holes 5 and 11. Mr Odunsi’s team will put out both sets and Mr Keeling’s team will pick both up.
Team 1: Hole 1a Doks Odunsi, John Ikard, Alan Holzberg, Tim Van Dinter
Team 2: Hole 1b Irvin Blackburn, Mike Holy, Harry Hunter, Bryan Anderson
Team 3: Hole 18a Peter Tomlinson, Doug Godschalk, Jide Ayo-Vaughan, Maurice Peltier
Team 4: Hole 18b Rodney Keeling, John Townsend, Charles Kearney, Bryon Gauthier

Sign Up Reminder and Play Format (UPDATE) – Oakhurst Golf Club Tuesday 26Sep

> > > > Amoco Golfers, > > This is a reminder for you to sign up for the game on Tuesday 26Sep if you have not done so already. Right now only 9 (Nine) people have signed up. I am sorry I missed the number in the earlier message. > > The following will be the play format: > Front 9: Play your own ball and record two (2) low net scores. > Back 9: Scramble. i.e play the team’s best ball each time from tee to the cup and record the score for the team. > > Please sign up to play. Registration will be cut off at 4:00pm tomorrow. Do let us know if there are any questions. > > Regards > > Jide Ayo-Vaughan > (713) 253 5244 > > >